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  • USDA Grass-Fed Beef

    Novy Ranch beef is 100% grass-fed beef. Our cattle are pasture raised and allowed to graze on natural grasses.  This allows the herd to live in their natural state and remain healthy without the use of antibiotics in their feed. Learn more...
  • Feel Good About Novy Ranches!

    Cattle raised on grass are healthier and happier! Our cattle are 100% Grass-fed, not grain, corn or soy fed. Read more about how Novy Ranch cattle are raised with humane and sustainable practices, all of which benefit you and the Earth. Learn More...
  • Nutrition From Our Family to Yours

    Grass-fed beef offers a multitude of health, environmental, social and economic benefits. By simply allowing cattle to return to a grass-only diet, in the way nature intended, we recover all the benefits that were lost generations ago. Learn More...
  • A Smaller Carbon Hoofprint on the Planet

    Feeding grass to animals reduces greenhouse gases through carbon sequestration. Grasses in healthy pastures draw excess carbon dioxide from the air and return it to the soil as carbon. Learn More...

Welcome to Novy Ranches Grass-Fed Beef!

The ranches are the ongoing  life work  and commitment of Dr. Lowell Novy, a veterinarian, whose interests in conservation, cattle-ranching and animal welfare have influenced his decision to turn away from “traditional” feedlot cattle production by developing an entirely grass-fed  program that is healthy for the land, cows and people.
Less saturated fat, calories, and cholesterol than corn-fed beef
High quality lean proteins
Significantly higher levels of Omega-3 and essential fatty acids
Higher levels of Vitamin E, Beta Carotene, and other antioxidants
Significant levels of Iron, Zinc, and B-complex vitamins
Increased levels of Conjugated Linoleic Acid and Vaccenic Acid


Novy Ranches
801 E. Los Angeles Ave, Simi Valley, 93065   
 (805) 217-7152 or (530) 436-0334 

E-mail: grassfed@novyranches.com
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