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We invite you to taste the difference.  Grass-fed beef IS the healthy red meat.  By simply allowing cattle to return to a grass-only diet, in the way nature intended, we recover all the benefits that were lost generations ago.  Cattle were never meant to eat corn in crowded commercial feed lots.  Beef, in its natural grass-fed state, is a nutritious, delicious, heart-healthy food.

Novy Ranches has provided recipes for a variety of cuts and cooking styles.  Our grass-fed meats are best when allowed to come to room temperature prior to cooking. Allow meat to defrost in the refrigerator for 2 to 3 days prior to use. You will find that the cooking times are shorter than traditional methods and almost all the recipes call for the meats to “rest.” “Resting” meats after they have been grilled or seared allows juices to redistribute and the meat to maintain its tenderness.

The cooking times provided in the recipes to follow should produce a medium rare result. You may need to adjust these times slightly depending on your grill, oven, and personal taste.

Thank you for choosing Novy Ranches grass-fed beef.

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