Novy Ranches Grass-Fed Angus Beef General Cooking Instructions

Internal Temps:
125 rare, 130-135 medium-rare, 140-145 medium, not recommended to cook to a higher temp. 

Leave-in probe thermometers: Stays in meat during cooking, has continuous read temp outside the oven, alerts you when reaches target temp. Cost about $20, perfectly cooked grass-fed beef - priceless!! 

Steaks: Sear on high heat about a minute each side, then finish on lower heat or 300-degree oven to an internal temp of about 130-135 degrees, which could take 5-20 min, depending on a variety of factors. The steak will start to drip juices and become a bit more firm.  Rest under foil ~10 min, slice thin against the grain.

Thick Rib Eye:  You may want to cook a bit more due to higher fat content - sear 1.5 min each side, internal temp 135-138 degrees. 

Reverse Sear: PERFECT for grass-fed!! Bake the steak first!! Heat oven to 200 degrees, place steak on a rack in a pan in the oven with the oven probe thermometer, cook to 130 for lean steaks or 135 for rib eye (med rare), about 30-40 min average, more or less for thick or thin steaks. Let steak rest and cool down for about 15 min. Now sear in a hot pan about a min each side with butter and any desired aromatics such as rosemary and garlic, and serve immediately! Perfect every time! 

Frozen Steaks: Yep! Don’t bother thawing! Just take your steak straight out of the freezer! Take two min to drop in lukewarm water to unthaw the surface. Pat dry and add sea salt. Sear for 90 sec each side in about 1/8 inch of hot high temp oil (avocado, coconut, etc). Use a splatter guard. Then bake in 275-degree oven 20-40 min, depending on thickness. Use your leave-in meat thermometer set at your target temp (130 med rare) for no-fuss perfect steak! Sears a very thin layer and keeps moisture in! 

Crock Pot/ Dutch Oven: Sear meat on each side, cut in biggish chunks. Add onion, carrot, celery, garlic, diced tomatoes, bay leaf, thyme, oregano, parsley, one grassfed bone (or 1-2 cup broth if you already have), +/-  1/2 - 1 tsp cumin, 1 - 2 T chili powder. Another good combination is onion/garlic/green red yellow pepper/cayenne/cilantro. Usually takes about 8 hrs. For brisket and chuck I prefer to cool overnight and then remove fat and shred meat.

Oven Roast: Tri-tip, Coulotte, Rump, Eye of Round: low and slow! Rub with olive oil, salt, opt. dry rub etc. can be seared for a min each side. Place in 200-degree oven until the desired temp is reached, when surface darkens and juices start running, about 1-2 hr for a smaller roast, or 4-6 hr for larger. Highly recommend oven probe thermometer, internal temp 125-135 or so, depending on preference. Rest under foil for 15-20 min.

 Ribs: Beef back: Apply dry rub or bbq sauce, Oven (or low grill) at 200 degrees for about 6-8 hours. Can be finished on BBQ or on broil for a few minutes to develop flavor. Korean marinate soy/ginger/olive oil and grill gently, lower heat. Short Rib: Dutch oven/ crockpot recipe. 

Hamburger: Start at room temperature, mix with desired spices, herb up! Great nutrition and taste! Try any combo of fresh basil, chives, thyme, fennel, green onions, parsley with salt, onion, cumin and garlic powder. Pack loosely, just enough to hold together. Sear on the grill or fairly hot pan.

Flexible ground beef crumble: sautee onions, celery, peppers, garlic, add ground beef before completely finished, add taco seasoning (chile, paprika, cumin) etc. if desired. Use with salad, burritos/ tacos/ pasta etc. 

Sous vide: Water bath held at a controlled temperature. Meat is sealed in plastic to prevent direct contact with water. At 130 – 140 degrees an enzyme is activated which breaks down collagen and tenderizes the meat. 135 is a good temperature for the water bath. New York and similar steaks can be in the bath for 60 – 90 minutes. Tougher cuts can be in the bath for 12-24 hrs. Sear the steaks for a minute to develop flavor to finish.