Our herd began in 1976 when we took the plunge and purchased the 6000 acres that comprises the Novy Ranches today. Along with the real estate came 100 or so cows, 40 of which were registered Red Angus. Over the years we tried different breed crosses, but always came back to Angus. After 33 years of selective breeding, we now raise Red and Black Angus cattle exclusively, though a few cows retain some mixed heritage traits with a white splotch or two. Angus cattle are well adapted to our environment and positive for the traits we value. Angus beef has long been the “gold standard” for taste and tenderness and you will find our beef to uphold the Angus reputation for quality within a strictly grass-fed program.

New genetics are now introduced from the best sources and via frozen semen. We do not purchase calves from outside sources. Essentially, we have a closed herd and that means that we know exactly where these cattle have been all of their lives. They’ve been here on the ranch, eating grass and enjoying the pastures. You need not worry about cattle coming into our herd with unknown histories, or having been exposed to Mad Cow (BSE) vulnerable practices. Our cattle have never been fed anything other than pasture grass and hay and the extra salt and minerals we supply them. “Mad Cow” disease has only been found in cattle that have been fed animal by-products and have never been found in cattle that are exclusively grass-fed. 
Our cattle are never fed commercially mixed feeds, growth hormones, feed additives, antibiotics. or anything other than non-GMO grass, grass pellets, hay and a salt/mineral mix. ALL Novy Ranch cattle are born and raised entirely on our ranch.

 We raise our herd in large, open pastures with room to roam and places to hide from inclement weather or when a mother cow feels the need for privacy to give birth. They are never confined in feedlots, ever. In the winter months when grass is dormant, they are fed high quality hay (high protein) of mixed grasses and alfalfa and are provided straw to bed in. The ranch terrain itself provides areas of shelter from wind and weather with trees and hilly, lee-side areas, but in addition, we provide bunkers of large straw bales for the cows and calves to nestle in and behind. The cows love this. We  know that caring for them well and reducing their stress enables them to produce a better product for you.

I am proud of these cattle and know them to be among the best. By that, I mean that they have been selectively bred in our program to produce the tastiest and most tender beef you will ever experience coming from a strictly grass-fed program. This year, we used advanced ultrasound technology to test 200 of our youngest heifers and bulls for their marbling qualities. Ultrasound technology can measure the percentage of Intra-Muscular Fat (IMF) in live animals, which predicts the genetic ability of the animal to produce a tender product. All of the animals tested have been raised on grass only and have never been fed any corn or grains. To increase the reliability of the data, we used three different certified sonographers, all of whom tested the same set of cattle at different times. The results were spectacular and verified that our program is on the right track. The average percentage of IMF or marbling was 5.25%, which is equivalent to grading “Choice”. Among cattlemen, these results would be considered excellent for grain-fattened beef, but are practically unheard of in a strictly grass-fed program.  In other words, these cattle are naturally fattened on grass and grass alone. And that natural marbling ability means great taste, healthful Omega 3's and tenderness for you. That's just one of the reasons why you will find Novy Ranch beef to be among the best quality grass-fed you can buy.


The irrigated pastures of the ranches are comprised of many perennial grass species including fescues and wheatgrasses, along with legumes of clovers, and alfalfa plantings. Native species such as sedges  and cattails are seasonally attractive to the cows. Add to that some sage, rabbit brush, milkweed (essential to the lifecycle of the migrating Monarch butterflies), foxtails and trefoils so our pastures are a bovine grazing smorgasbord. It is the uniqueness of the grasses and plants that the cattle consume that defines the herbaceous flavors of the beef and provides the significant health benefits that only grass-fed beef can give you.